Monday, October 24, 2011


Update on pick up days

Monday Recycling
Wednesday Compost
Wednesday Trash

So far we are filling the 4 yard recycling dumpster and using the overflow carts. Today the trash and compost are also full. I will give it one more week and reminders to occupants to place the proper items in the correct bins before a decision on getting larger trash and compost dumpsters. So far the program seems to be working well, a few occupants are comingling the recycling and compost so I will do some training this week with them.
I may also move the compost pick up day to Monday, it was a bit stinky today!


The crew are arriving at 3:30ish and taking care of 125 and 444-4 before going to any other suites. They are diligent and hard working. The supervisor is coming a couple of times a week and he is the person changing out lights. Tom, our account rep is out of town until Wednesday and I will talk with him then about the supervisors schedule.


Chip is taking care of moving a HVAC vent at 444-4 (in Neal's office) scheduled for Wednesday morning.
Stained ceiling tiles at 444-3 scheduled for Wednesday morning. Chip to do.
Stained ceiling tile at 101-230. Chip to handle.

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