Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maintenance Update 1/26/2012

New Locks for all buildings in following sequence ASAP (Val to coordinate Lew's work on this):
1. 444-3rd floor - Done
2. 125 - 2 exterior - Done
3. 101-4th floor
4. 444-4th floor Done
5. 444-1st flr/101-1st @ corridor Done
6. 444-2nd floor
7. 101-3rd floor
8. 101-2nd floor

All wiring and readers installed, Appointment with elevator company for Tuesday Jan 31 at 8:30 to finish call button install at parking garage and 1st floor at 101.


1. Cracked tile at outside entrance floor right side facing bldg
2. Entrance roof has sheet rock exposed between wood slate roof – patch and paint
3. Scratches on window entrance right side
4. Railing by elevator is peeling - needs sanding and painting
5. Door handle at 250 is loose -
6. Stair railing needs paint
7. Landing railings need paint
8. There is a piece of equipment under the High St Stairs going to the garage
9. The red floor indicator lights are out in the elevator that goes to the garage

8. 2nd floor ceiling light out on left side facing elevator

1. Tile next to handicap lift needs to be fixed
2. Top edge of entrance arch has a crack on the right side – repair and paint -
4. Entrance hall has tear in wall paper – patch
5. Alma door entrance to garage plastic has been melted so people can open door – repair section with an area around handle with metal to secure.
6. Green tile on fountain edge is missing
7. Light cover is missing on hallway light on 1st floor exit to Alma
8. Exit door to interior stair is being left ajar (turning dead bolt so door won’t close) - locked
9. The red “B” level light in elevator on the University side is out.
10. 3rd flooring/ tile in kitchen of eRevolution is peeling up

1. 320 Mvia ceiling light in the back of the office looking out to the atrium is out
3. Light in lobby entrance is out above stairs going from street level to 1st floor

9. Lights are out in 1st floor hallway exit to Alma
10. At the 2nd floor interior stairs exit between the buildings there are leaves and water in the air conditioning area. – The leaves are in pile but not removed
5. Light by elevator on 2nd floor is out – replace

1. Replace light bulbs in garden level . Timing within next 2 weeks.
2. Replace 4 skylight "windows" with clear plastic. Timing within next 6 months.
3. Spots and stains on kitchen walls
4. Dings on walls and corners in kitchen -
5. Rail along Val’s office edges are scraped – need touch up paint -
6. Nurse Registry Co. has large ding in wall by entry – needs patching and paint -
7. Booga Co – outside walls and trim have stains and spots – need sanding and painting -

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  1. I cut out Janitorial from Maintenance on this Blog Post, sorry, I left a couple of items that are Janitorial, lighting mainly. I will post a seperate Janitorial Blog once I've removed Done items. Val


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