Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SDC walk through 11/14/11

Mon, November 14, 2011

New Locks for all buildings in following sequence ASAP (Val to coordinate Lew's work on this):
1. 444-3rd floor - Done
2. 125 - 2 exterior - Oct 11
3. 101-4th floor -
4. 444-4th floor
5. 444-1st flr/101-1st @ corridor
6. 444-2nd floor
7. 101-3rd floor
8. 101-2nd floor
9. Carpet throughout all buildings in all offices and all hallways have substantial stains.
10. Get Acme quote on adding key pads for all floors at 101/444 and electronic strike at 444-2nd floor.

1. Elevator floor to be redone -- Val to handle. Timing next 2 weeks.
2. 444-3rd floor HVAC - Nick to assess and recommend. Val handles. Timing immediate.
3. Cracked tile at outside entrance floor right side facing bldg
4. Entrance roof has sheet rock exposed between wood slate roof – patch and paint
5. Scratches on window entrance right side
6. Lights at elevator on each floor have bugs in glass covers
7. Carpets in offices and hallways have stains
8. Railing by elevator is peeling - needs sanding and painting
9. Door handle at 250 is loose -
10. Ceiling light out in hallway by 230
11.230 Door stop and wall behind door need repair – patch and paint, fix door stop so it stops before damaging wall -
12. Lots of bugs and dirt in stair well lights
13. Stair railing needs paint
14. Landing railings need paint
15. 2nd floor ceiling light out by elevator
16. There is a piece of equipment under the High St Stairs going to the garage
17. The red floor indicator lights are out in the elevator that goes to the garage

1. Tile next to handicap lift needs to be fixed
2. Top edge of entrance arch has a crack on the right side – repair and paint -
3. Light in lobby entrance is out
4. Entrance hall has tear in wall paper – patch
5. Broken tile on 1st floor entry roof
6. Light by elevator on 2nd floor is out – replace
7. Alma door entrance to garage plastic has been melted so people can open door – repair section with an area around handle with metal to secure.
8. Green tile on fountain edge is missing
9. Light cover is missing on hallway light on 1st floor exit to Alma
10. Lights out on 1st floor hallway exit to Alma
11. Light at landing by 1st floor stair are cover with dirt and filled with bugs - done
13. A Tile on the 2nd floor facing entrance is broken
14. 2n floor interior stairs exit there are leaves and water in the air conditioning area to stairs between the bldgs. - leaves are in pile but not removed
15. Exit door to interior stair is being left ajar (turning dead bolt so door won’t close)
16. The red “B” level light in elevator on the University side is out.
17. HealthTap - light in storage closet is out
18. HealthTap - would like a master key. They would like to add additional key swipes to several doors in their offices once the new key system has been finalized.
19. 320 Mvia ceiling light in the back of the office looking out to the atrium is out
20. 3rd flooring/ tile in kitchen of eRevolution is peeling up

1. Gum on entry floor – needs to be cleaned - done
2. Top edge of entrance arch has black stains and spider webs – scheduled to be pressure washed
3. Top edge of entrance arch pigeon protector coating is gone
4. Black marks on marble entrance edge – Scheduled to be done with arch above (2)
5. Door bottoms have large amounts of scuff marks on bottom section- Scheduled to be done with new cleaning product. If this does not remove the marks another solution may be necessary (kick plates, etc)
6. Gum on tile edge around fountain

1. State Farm office carpets have large stain – need to be cleaned – Scheduled w/ suit 320 Mvia)
2. State Farm office staff indicated trash was not removed daily – done
3. Exit has not been vacuumed
4. People are peeing in outside exit balcony – needs daily hosing or some way to prevent people from doing such
5. Exit lift has leaves and debris - needs to be cleaned - done
6. Slots in the elevator door floor need to be cleaned - done
7. GSR – wall corners are dinged -
8. GSR – window glass is smudged – done
9. Door bottoms have large amounts of scuff marks on bottom section – to be done with other doors
10. Box on the right side of elevator door is peeling – repair or remove
11. Dings on hallway wall and corner – repair and paint12. Stair well edges from 1st floor to garage are very dirty
13. Spider webs on stucco around elevator - done
14. Edges along stair wall from garage to 1st floor are layered with dust
15. The area between the lift and the wall has leaves and pots in it
16. Spider webs and dust in trim of window on the hall way for Alma hallway to stairs
17. Spider webs and dust in trim of window existing the hall way onto Alma
18. Onlive – carpet is badly stain with several large spots

1. Balcony has dust and spider webs on trim, walls and edges - done
2. Door bottoms have large amounts of scuff marks on bottom section – to be done with other doors

1. Balcony has dust and spider webs on sky lights trim, walls and edges – scheduled to be pressure washed
2. Dust on window edges in stair well facing university – scheduled to be pressure washed
3. Door bottoms have large amounts of scuff marks on bottom section – scheduled to be done with other doors
4. Bugs in ceiling light fixtures - scheduled
5. Revolution Co. large stain on carpet at front door – clean - scheduled
6. Mvia #320 large stain on carpet at entrance – clean - scheduled
7. Gum on tile in balcony area –
8. Spider webs in vent on balcony area
9. Ceiling light is out by 320 Mvia office
10. Ceiling light is out in hallway between the Men’s and Women’s bathroom
11. Windows in stair well facing University are dirty and covered with spider webs

1.Balcony has dust and spider webs on sky lights trim, walls and edges – scheduled to be pressure washed
2. Door bottoms have large amounts of scuff marks on bottom section – scheduled to be done with other doors
3. GSR Venture – 3 Ceiling light are out in the left hallway leading from the lobby area to the offices

1. Floor by Grand Trunk space has debris – sweep
2. Wall by Grand Trunk space has black stain – clean
3. Water heater by GSR ventures has a large amount of dust built up on top
4. Stain on wall by Inkiru space
5. Debris by storage area as you enter

1. Entrance walk way has large black stain - done
2. Spider webs at entrance doors - done
3. Spider webs on outside entry windows - done
4. Rail from 1st to 2nd floor very dusty and spider webs
5. Spot light on garden are out
6. Lights in stairwell on High St are very dusty - done
7. Cigarette butts and part of a dead mouse outside stair exit on High St side

1. Lights are out above bike parking area are out (between stairs & garden)
2. OnLive - Several florescent light are out by the small stairs
3. Lights out in atrium
4. Several florescent Lights in hallway entrance are out
5. Light covers in hallway and landing areas are dirty or damaged

1. Light on stair from 2nd to 3rd floor filled with bugs – done
2. 250 – offices are very cold they have ask to get them adjusted several time
3. 230 Clarity – wall is damaged behind door – need to be fixed, painted and new door stop installed
4. Several florescent lights in hallway are out

1. Tile floor is stained - scheduled
2. Light out by elevator - done
3. Looks like roots had grown from roof into ceiling at elevator landing
4. 300 Imo – needs plastic bags for their recycling
5. 300 Imo – ceiling tiles have several water stains

1. Light cover in landing are dirty and spider webs
2. Spider web on gate leading to deck from landing area
4. 400 General Catalyst – Hole in wall between glass offices needs to be patched and painted
5. 400 General Catalyst – sliding glass door to deck gets suck. It gets fixed and then a few days later is stuck again
6. Floor Indicator lights in elevator are out

1. Replace light bulbs in garden level --- Bill to recommend type. Timing within next 2 weeks.
2. Replace 4 skylight "windows" with clear plastic. Timing within next 6 months.
3. Spots and stains on kitchen walls
4. Dings on walls and corners in kitchen -
5. Internet Dist Co. ceiling light is out – need replacing
6. Rail along Val’s office edges are scraped – need touch up paint -
7. Nurse Registry Co. has large ding in wall by entry – needs patching and paint -
8. Boog2 Co – outside walls and trim have stains and spots – need sanding and painting -

1. Spider webs around the outside edges of door entering to 1st floor offices – most have been clean. If you look at the side edges of the door there is a recessed area that still has spider webs
2. Dead bugs inside light covers - scheduled
3. Gum on floor of the outside entry. – scheduled to be pressure washed
4. Spider webs in window of space available

1. Dust on top of fridge - done
2. Scuff mark on linoleum floor - done
3. Dust build up along top of floor trim in kitchen - done
4. Splatter on kitchen walls - done
5. Underwear hanging from under sink - removed
6. Toilet paper holders are loose
7. Shower has chips and delimitation on soap holder ledge -
8. Seal between shower and wall is cracking: needs new caulking and paint -
9. Ceiling is peeling in bathroom -

1. Dust on atrium trim between garden level and 1st floor – To be done w/carpet cleaning in front lobby
2. Dust on beams that cross atrium when you look down from 1st floor – to be done w/ carpet cleaning
3. New York Deli – outside benches and tile need cleaning
4. Men’s and Women’s bathroom have black marks on wall around vent tube
5. Women’s bathroom toilet paper holders are loose on wall and arm holding paper
6. Stall door stop is not attach to stall door (it was laying on top of toilet) -
7. Screw holding shelf is wrong size and not all the way in -
8. Vent between bathrooms is dirty and not attached completely to wall
9. Trim in hallway leading to High St is peeling off wall in several sections
10. Edges in stairwell going from 1st floor to garden floor are dusty
11. It looks like gum is on the ceiling in the rear stairwell going from 1st to garden level
12. Wall is cracked around pipe in rear stairwell going from 1st to garden level - done
13. Plug cover in kitchen is cracked -
14. Small light on wall by entry to Val’s office is out

1.Dust on atrium trim between 1st floor and 2nd floor - to be done w/ carpet cleaning
2. White board not cleaned completely - done

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